sexta-feira, junho 08, 2007

Litlle darling

"Stirt up...
It's been a long long time
Since I've got you on my mind
And now you are here, i said it's so clear
To see what we can do hunny, just me and you
come on and Stirt up litlle darling
I'll push the wood
I'll blaze your fire and I'll satisfy your heart desire
I'll stirt you every minute, all you've got to do, baby
It's keep in it and Stirt up
will you quench me while I'm thirsty?
Come and cool me down when I'm hot?
Your recipe, darling, is so tasty
And you sure can stir your pot
So Stirt up"

for you, my sweet love.

2 comentários:

Celis disse...

Frete internacional, hein???
Use antivirus, viu??

Itaninha disse...

Oh darling!
q beautiful esse post
bem propício a essa epoca ne...

Feliz dia dos namorados virtuais viu! huauahuahauha

ps: vou ficar c/ essa musica na kbca! =P